Flatiron, New York

Fulfilling our long held dream of opening a location in Manhattan, we opened our Flatiron location in October of 2014.

Several years after opening our first location in Bed-Stuy, our wholesale business grew. With that growth, it became increasingly difficult to operate solely out of the relatively limited space in Brooklyn. Space constraints also limited expansion into other product lines, such as offering a serious coffee program.

We wanted customers to have a similar experience in the new location to the original store. The goal was to allow people to peek into the kitchen in a much more open way. Transparency was key.

The location in Flatiron was ideal. A fantastic neighborhood on many fronts, Flatiron's close proximity to the Union Square Greenmarket is an added bonus. The Greenmarket continues to allow for constant experimentation with delicious and beautiful food items.

During its first week in Flatiron, we handed out free doughnuts as a way to get to know our neighbors. On opening day, we continued to give away doughnuts and were thrilled and surprised to have an endless line practically from the moment we opened the doors until close. The line wrapped around the corner and we are still pinching ourselves.

The Flatiron location allows us to connect with people residing in the neighborhood as well as with people from all over the world. It has, and continues to be, a very exciting endeavor!

Our stand is part of a contemporary and curated food hall on the second floor. As we have limited space, no orders can be placed ahead of time.

Website: http://citykitchen.rownyc.com/

UrbanSpace Vanderbilt

We are very excited to have a kiosk at this amazing new food hall.

Website: http://urbanspacenyc.com/

We have been part of Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea from the very beginning and love the community we have built there. The exact locations and times for these markets can be found on their website.

Bed Stuy, Brooklyn


Every end is a new beginning. As Dough Doughnuts closes our decade long chapter in our Bedstuy location, we want to take a moment and thank our customers for loving our doughnuts far more than we ever imagined. As well as our hard working employees for being part of the Dough family. Because of your support, Dough has new and exciting opportunities for growth, but unfortunately that means the time has come for us to uproot. Please see our list of coffee shops and grocery stores where you can still find our doughnuts in Brooklyn! 

We spent several years living and working in Bed-Stuy and know the neighborhood quite well. We love the area for its historic richness and culture as well as a deep sense of community. Bed-Stuy was a natural choice for us in deciding to open our flagship store.

We opened in December 2010 with a simple purpose: to make the best doughnuts we could! We knew we wanted to make a big doughnut, not just for the sake of it, but because it would be a celebration of it! We spoke a great deal about the texture and flavor we wanted to create and tested the dough recipe for months. Once we finally achieved what we wanted, we developed our flavors and opened quietly a few weeks after that. Through the testing we also realized that we wanted to make the doughnuts in small batches throughout the day so anyone that came to the store would experience the incredible joy of a fresh doughnut.

Several years later, Dough has grown up with the neighborhood. At the same time, Bed-Stuy has maintained its essence and culture, and the deep sense of belonging that Dough has rooted there has grown as well. It is truly a place in which we call home.

Third Party Locations

Dough's menu is carefully curated to bring customers a selection of flavors to delight the senses. Each of Dough's signature and new flavors has a distinct and colorful personality of their own.

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