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We are happy to serve all of your catering and pre-ordering needs. We will always try to accommodate.

Doughnut Walls

Doughnut Walls are a fantastic and photo worth experience at your next event, wedding, birthday or celebration!

Wall Bundle: 4ft wide x 6ft high // Fits 120 Doughnuts  

Customization is available for background wall color, logo, & lights. Custom doughnut colors. 

Upon request, each wall can come with a wall attendant for set up, cleaning and service during the event. Pricing varies based on the chosen package.

Custom Letters

Send a special message with our custom letter doughnuts! We can customize any message with different flavor combinations and custom colors.

Custom lettering doughnuts with custom glazing available. Let us express what you are trying to say with doughnuts. 

Pricing starts at $6 per letter for Dough picked assorted flavors (Standard Assortment) , $7 per doughnut to pick your flavors own flavors (Special Assortment) . All vegan letters, is $8/letter (Vegan Assortment)

We need at least 24 hours advance notice for all custom orders.

Custom Branding

Have a launch for your company? Throwing an event and want an interesting branding opportunity? Let Dough make custom branded doughnuts for you. Just send us an image and we’ll create edible wafer labels for your event to top on any of our existing doughnuts or have custom decorated doughnuts created for you.

Corporate Catering

Make Dough Doughnuts a preferred caterer in your office. We offer a variety of packages with doughnuts and coffee & tea service. House accounts  and delivery are available.

Co-branded Collaborations

Dough Doughnuts specializes in co-branded corporate experiences. Creating custom flavors and experiences co-branded with your products or company.

App Delivery

For deliveries within Manhattan and certain areas of Brooklyn, please click here to be redirected to one of our partners.

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