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Our Services

Do you deliver?

Yes! We offer delivery through our website. Click on the Order Online button to see our delivery area. You can also order through Caviar, Door Dash, Grubhub and UberEats. For large catering orders we do offer delivery for an additional fee. Please provide event details through the Catering Submission Form.

Do you have gift cards?

Yes, we do. You can purchase e-gift cards to use at any of our locations Click Here to purchase gift cards. Currently gift cards are only redeemable for in store purchases, apologizes for any inconvenience.  

Do you ship?

Yes! Please visit the Nationwide Shipping section for more information. 

Do you cater?

Yes! Please refer to the Catering & Delivery section below for additional information.

How long do your doughnuts last and how do I store them?

Doughnuts can last up to 1 day at room temperature. We suggest keeping them in an airtight container. Your doughnuts can also last about a week in the refrigerator. If you would like to store them longer, we suggest wrapping each doughnut individually in plastic or foil and freezing them. They will freeze up to a month. To thaw out, remove from freeze and bring to room temperature on the counter for about an hour and a half. To bring your doughnut back to life from either room temp or refrigerated, microwave for 10 - 20 seconds, it will soften back up! No microwave? Wrap your doughnut loosely in foil and place in an oven or toaster oven for 1-2 minutes or until soft.

Our Menu

Do you offer different sized doughnuts?

At the stores, our sizes are always the same, about 4“ but you can order party doughnuts (about 3.5”) or mini (about 3”) doughnuts for catering or special events. Only pre-orders.

What’s your most popular flavor?

Plain Glaze & Cinnamon Sugar, but close runner ups are Dulce de Leche and Nutella! 

How often do you change your flavors?

We have all-year round flavors you can find all the time. We try to change the menu ever month to two months based on the season. 

Do you offer a birthday cake or special-shaped doughnuts?

We offer custom letter doughnuts! Please see the Catering & Delivery section for more information. We can accommodate some special shapes, just let us know what you have in mind and we'll see if we can make it.  We don't however have large doughnuts the size of a cake as it wouldn't cook properly and we do feel our doughnuts are a celebration just the way they are as well :) But a Happy Birthday made from doughnuts is fun too!            

What makes your vegan doughnuts vegan?

Our vegan doughnuts are made with flax seed and coconut oil as dairy replacements.

Our Ingredients

Do your doughnuts have eggs or dairy?

Yes, all our doughnuts use eggs, milk, and European style butter.  We launched our vegan version June 2020, which has no dairy, butter and eggs!

Are your doughnuts nut-free?

While we do not operate in a nut-free environment, only a few of our doughnuts contain nuts. 

Are your doughnuts organic?

The doughnuts are not but some of the ingredients we use are. We simply try to find the best ingredients, some of which are organic.

Are your doughnuts gluten-free?

No, but you never know, we might develop something in the future.

Are your doughnuts vegan?

We now have vegan doughnuts! Please see the vegan section for available flavors. 

Do you use colorings or artificial flavorings?

No. All of our ingredients are natural and only occasionally do we use artificial colorings such as when we have created special flavors for holidays like Halloween and St. Patrick's Day and for our classic, southern red velvet cake topping. 

Are your doughnuts kosher?

Yes, we are Certified Kosher as of November 2021 and supervised by International Kosher Council (IKC) and Rabbi Zev.

What kind of oil do you use?

We use Canola Oil.

Do you offer refunds, returns and/or exchanges?

We do not offer refunds for orders cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled pick up time. We do not accept any returns and/or exchanges.