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Dough Doughnuts has teamed up with McCormick® to create a limited-edition collection of doughnut bites.

The McCormick Holiday Bites Collection ships nationwide by the dozen in a collectible tin made exclusively for the collection. Each tin will contain 4 of the following exclusive flavors:

It’s All Gravy

No holiday meal is complete without the gravy and stuffing. Our unique take on the classics will redefine your perception of sweet and savory treats. Crafted with McCormick® Brown Gravy-infused dough and elevated by a touch of maple cheesecake filling with notes of ground black pepper, this doughnut is topped with a brown gravy glaze, ground sage, and black pepper stuffing crumbles sprinkled with garlic powder.

  *Contains eggs, dairy, soy and wheat.

Cranberry Craze

For a side dish, cranberry sauce gets the spotlight in a doughnut recipe that is as stunning as it is delicious. With a burst of tangy flavor from cranberry jam filling featuring McCormick® Rosemary Leaves, this doughnut features a vibrant cranberry and rosemary purée glaze, rolled in doughnut crumbles and topped with dried cranberries.                 

 *Contains eggs, dairy and wheat.

Pumpkin to Talk About

Dessert is served with a twist on classic pumpkin pie. Featuring McCormick® Pumpkin Pie Spice, Nutmeg, and Cinnamon in the creamy filling, the sweet treat is topped with a pumpkin glaze, rolled in pecan streusel crumbles and garnished with a mouthwatering meringue dollop sprinkled with ground cinnamon. 

*Contains nuts, eggs, dairy and wheat.

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